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About Verve Studio

about krystal

did you know they make army boots in size 3?

krystal began her professional photographic career as a photojournalist for the US Army. they sent her to bosnia, kosovo, ecuador and other delightful vacation spots, but she grew tired of taking pictures of the worst days of people's lives, and decided to focus on the best days, instead. added bonus: there's less sniper fire at weddings. unfortunately, there is more electric sliding at weddings than war zones.

since then krystal has gone on to win countless awards and honors for her wedding and portrait photography and earned the title "master photographer" from the professional photographers of america.

krystal snorts when she laughs, reads a new romance novel every two days, loves campy horror movies, sly stallone (don't be hatin'), singing in the car (windows rolled down), and her surly kitty, "half-price the cat."

about matt

pretend i said something funny.

now that you're smiling, here's who i am.

i love comic books. i love science fiction. i love the old star trek. i hate the new star trek. i love cat videos on the internet. i make cat videos on the internet (you're welcome).

i hate bad light. i love good light. better yet, i love making good light where there wasn't any (you're welcome).

the proudest day of my life (besides marrying krystal) was earning my master of photography degree. the second proudest was when i defeated chong li in kumite, an illegal and underground freestyle, single-elimination and occasionally deadly full-contact martial arts tournament to which the world's best martial artists are clandestinely invited every five years.

okay, the second part of that didn't actually happen (yet) but it would be awesome if it did.
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