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Cyber Monday Portrait Special: 24 Hours ONLY!

November 25, 2012 - News

It's Cyber Monday y'all!  

When geeks like us go out to shop and by out we mean from the comfort of our pajamas by the blue flickering light of our laptops.
And for our fellow geeks and photo-nerds who appreciate good photography this offer is for you!

There are two portrait collections to choose from with holiday cards in time to show up everyone else this season. 
Tell Grandma to "take that with her lame poodle with antlers card" again this year!

Call or email today only to reserve your spot!
352-397-2824 12-8pm EDT  (anytime!)

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We are thankful for this little turkey!

November 22, 2012 - Personal
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
We so love and appreciate our rich tapestry of friends, family and clients.
Today we are also thankful for our happy healthy little 10 lb Butterball!
... and for our talented friend Tammy G. Vincent, of, who took this image of Leo!

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Giggle Magazine: Gainesville Family and Child Portraiture

November 13, 2012 - Commercial
Have you seen Verve Studio in Giggle Magazine?
Be sure to check your issues for some of the cutest kids south of the Mason-Dixon!

Available online and all over Alachua County and surrounding areas.
We can't wait to share some images from the upcoming Winter issue!

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Little Leo

November 4, 2012 - Portraits
For those that follow our blog you may have noticed that we have been "Missing in Action" for most of the year. 
Well if you didn't already know we've been cooking up something a little special... his name is Leopold "Leo" Gregory Radlinski.

We don't often share too much about our personal life here on our work blog but for a face this cute we had to make an exception! 

The path to parenthood has been a challenging one for us, after several years of trying, testing, lots of money, tears and losses we had a little miracle come out of the blue. Without intervention and some wonderful doctors who helped us find a way he wouldn't be here and there wouldn't be hope of a growing family for us. We are very lucky to have found a solution when many wonderful would-be parents still wait every month with that ache in their throat... and our hearts go out to you still. Stay strong and have hope sometimes little miracles happen.

Of course, our miracle took way too many margaritas and a trip to Mexico for our dear friends wedding. We and the doctors were flummoxed to learn just days after getting home and luckily in time to get the medicine we needed to save the pregnancy.

So after resigning ourselves to simply enjoying the love and friendship we had been given in each other... this tornado of change has swept through our lives in the past year. It has presented challenges, pain, joy and now a charming mix of exhaustion and wonder as we get to know this little human entrusted to us.

"Apparently they just let anyone do this," I joked throughout the pregnancy. It's still surprising to me, just a month later, that we came home only 24 hours after having our son, his tiny life in our inexperienced hands.  Matt and I actually called a nurse into the hospital room early in the morning when presented with our first diaper change. Looking at each other, we instantly realized neither of us had enough babysitting experience under our belts for this.  The nurse found it funny and kindly talked us through it before leaving us again to the busy knocks and bangs of a night in the "recovery room."

A month later we are finally finding our footing, stepping tentatively back into work while trying to learn how to parent.  Thankfully, we had some help to get started. My aunt Lindy, a retired midwife, flew down from Itaca to spend three whole weeks waiting for him to arrive and taking care of me as my fatigued body betrayed me in the last weeks. Her wisdom, laughter and peaceful nature filled every room she entered and helped welcome our son with loving and strong hands.

Matt's mother is a world class baby rocker and came to hold Leo when our arms were tired and our sleep-addled brains couldn't find words to say thank you. I think I now understand the phrase "it takes a village."

For the most part, our families are far away... and so we have been blessed richly with a family of friends here in Gainesville. You all know who you are and we are forever grateful for your giving hearts, great sense of humor and support. Our lives are better for having you in them.

We'd also like to extend a thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us this time of peace together as a family. Your patience and kindness are much appreciated!

Without further ado.. we would like to introduce Leopold Gregory Radlinski!
(it was a toss up... we almost went with Walker Texas Ranger Radlinski... almost)
For those of you who know me... it's the "Yaaaaay" face. :)

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